Frequently Asked Questions at Busy Bee Nursery

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When is a good time to install a new lawn?

Fall is a good time to seed a new lawn, or over seed your existing lawn. Sunny, warm, fall days and cool nights make for great growing conditions. Seeding in the fall also helps in keeping out weeds versus seeding during the spring season. Over seeding your existing lawn in the fall helps in bringing in a thicker greener lawn in the spring.

Is March a good time to prune fruit trees and bushes?

You can prune fruit trees and bushes this month. Prune so a strong central leader develops on fruit trees and strong lateral branches grow at a wide angle from the trunk. Prune out dead canes of June-bearing raspberries and cut ever-bearing raspberries to the ground. Thin out 1/3 of the oldest growth on blueberry bushes. On all fruit, prune out broken or diseased tissue, crossing or rubbing branches and inward growing stems. (taken from UMass Extension Garden Clippings vol 30, number 1)

How many bags of mulch do I need for my flower bed?

Please call us to determine how many bags of mulch your garden may need. Please have measurements ready so we can assist you in a timely manor.

Do you deliver mulch?

Yes, Busy Bee Nursery does deliver mulch. We also deliver top soil and compost. Please see 'Order for Delivery' or the Mulch&Soils category in the Plant Catalog!!