Dahlia 'Bloodstone'

Plant Details

Environment This plant will grow in moist soil. Suitable soil is well-drained/loamy or sandy. The pH preference is a neutral to slightly alkaline (6.8 to 7.7) soil. Attributes and Features - Attracts butterflies - Extended bloom season


Quick Facts

Common Name :  Dahlia
Hardy Range :  Zones 9A - 11A
Light :  Full sun
Height :  12.00 - 72.00 in
Leaf Color :  Green
Bloom Attributes :  Extended bloom season in Zones 9A and above
Shape :  Upright or erect
Soil Condition :  Loamy
Growth Rate :  Average growth rate
Moisture :  Moist
Family Name :  Asteraceae (Aster)
Type :  Annual
Bloom Time :  Mid fall
Bloom Color :  Red
Salt Tolerance :  Does not tolerate salt

Plant Care


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